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Antenna International is one of the world’s leading providers of multimedia, digital audio guides and audiovisual equipment. We’ve created the most comprehensive and complete range of multimedia guides across a variety of industries. We produce both the tour content and the multimedia tour devices it is delivered on, which can be simple or fully interactive, and include audio, video, or both.Our award-winning creative teams are always exploring new forms of visitor engagement, keeping your multimedia audio tour offering innovative, fresh and competitive.Antenna’s multimedia creation services offer complete guided tour solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client. From automation, triggering and innovations like IR, AR and 3D audio, to video players, audio players, multimedia devices and more, our multimedia tour solutions provide a range of options. Whether you’re a museum, exhibition, cultural site, factory, travel organization, educational institution or a commercial venture, we can help with bespoke tour production.

Antenna will guide and work along-side your team every step of the way

Building the content foundation

Antenna’s creative team and cultural subject matter experts will help transform your story into an engaging, immersive script that captivates your audience the moment they hit play.

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Don’t have your own voice talent? No problem. We have a full network of the best narrators with the most enchanting voices sure to do your story justice. With offices around the globe, we will find you native talent that is familiar with the local culture. We also provide translation services which go above and beyond language translation to more cultural interpretation for multilingual multimedia guides that engage the global audience in a manner relevant to their own background.

Your talent or ours, we will host the narrator in one of our recording studios. Or have our expert audio technicians come to you to capture the original sound of your surroundings – nature, people, city streets…anything and everything that will make your visitors feel like they are in the scene. Following the narration and capturing of sound, our experienced audio producers will work tirelessly to put your story together into a cohesive production alluring the audience further into the experience.

Designing the experience

Captivate your guests through interactive media that brings artifacts to life as you tell the story. Highlight key objects through video, augmented reality, 360-degree virtual tours, or dynamic experiences like games, quizzes and interactive timelines.

Educate and entertain through rare interviews, hotspots with additional information, interactive illustrations of the past and audio that plays on the power of your visitors’ emotions.

Create guided multimedia tours based on interactive map routes through your building to better manage visitor flow, or make it flexible enough so that visitors can choose to engage with the content that intrigues them as they feel like it.

How can you reawaken empty rooms in a formerly grand Manor House?
Watch as a quirky animation sums up three centuries of British history 90 seconds!

How can you share an inaccessible archive of objects that’s been walled up for fifty years?
Create a magic portal in the palm of your hand!

Diversifying the experience

Create varying guided tours for different age groups and different needs. Creating visitor-centric multimedia tours doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have completely different tours for each audience segment. Antenna can help you adapt the content to each audience’s physical, emotional and intellectual needs. You can also increase your tour package offerings by providing VIP tours, standard tours, curator tours, insight tours and many others, taking the existing content foundation and customizing it to create more unique tour options.

How can you make an antiquated art form like portrait miniatures exciting to 21st Century kids?
Strike a pose in our miniature selfie app!

Antenna is committed to innovation that drives our mission of building a museum or public attraction tour that is accessible and engaging for all visitors. We can help you with translating your story into sign language, creating transcripts, or multi-sensorial elements that apply technological innovation to art, allowing visitors to explore through touch and other sensors.

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Take a look at some of the enchanting ways we’ve helped visitors dive deeper into stories…

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