Exploring Visual Identity: Opening the Doors to Stowe House

August 26, 2016

Designing the visuals for a multimedia app means understanding our partner institutions’ visual identities. We need to understand the story behind the institution and how their logo and branding tell the visitors those stories.

What is a Visual Identity?
Some people liken a brand to a friend of the audience, but in our industry, its more than that – the brand is your visitor services staff that welcomes the visitors to explore. Taking the comparison even further, the app literally becomes the tour guide. Visual branding – and by extension the app – tell your visitor what type of experience they will be having and from the very beginning can influence experience with visual clues.

Achieving Your Institutions’ Look and Feel
We start to get a look and feel for the institution by studying the branding that the museum is already using. Then we look at the objectives the museum has – who is the target audience for the app and how can we use the visual identity to capture their interest? Now, it’s our job to connect the institution’s visual identity and with the visitors’ digital and onsite experiences.

Using the Look of Stowe House Itself
Stowe House, we started with a logo and illustrated Victorian paper silhouettes and connected those to the proper English estate. Stowe House has a very interesting history in which the institution is best known as a school and is working diligently to gain a reputation as an attraction. To convey the idea of seeing something behind the scenes, we created a sense of digital “space” and a realistic feeling with a visualization of a door to each room. The thumbnail images of each room allow visitors to “peek in” and appeal to people’s natural curiosity and desire to explore to encourage them to explore the app. Behind the doors are the Victorian silhouettes that reinforce the ambiance and aesthetic.

Transport Visitors Back in Time to a Different Aesthetic
The transition from looking at the app to looking around the room in real life is seamless for visitors. Incorporating the authentic, traditional and stately design with photos and illustrations of objects in each room, the multimedia digital experience bridges the real and the virtual.

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