A Fantastic Spring for Italian Exhibitions with Antenna Guides

July 29, 2015

This season our Italian office has been involved with a fantastic run of exhibitions all around the country, beginning in Milan’s Palazzo Reale with “Art of Lombardy from Visconti to Sforza Dynasty” (Skira). This classic audio tour has commentaries on all the most significant works in the exhibition and looks in detail at the techniques that characterised Lombard art during the Renaissance, as well as describing what life was like at the Milanese Royal Court at the time.

Palazzo Albergati in Bologna is another great exhibition that Antenna have produced the guide to, this time about the famous Dutch artist Escher (Arthemesia). The adult audio only tour delves in to the mystery of his artistic world and has contributions from the co-curator and collector Federico Giudiceandrea. There is a family tour as well, which is led by a young girl called Arianna who helps the children to enter into the artists’ world, where inanimate objects come to life and start speaking!

Another big event for us in Milan is the opening of the new Museum of Cultures (MUDEC) where we’ve produced the guide to the first two exhibitions: ‘Africa’ and ‘Mondi a Milano’ (both 24ore). For the ‘Africa’ adult tour we interviewed Claudia Zevi, one of the main curators, and their commentary is filled with anecdotes an unpublished stories on the artwork. Meanwhile the family tour takes children from 6-12 years on a sensory journey with Babo, a wise African grandfather, and his granddaughter Nana, who arrives from Paris, and together they discover the importance of tradition, ancestors, rituals and ceremonies. In ‘Mondi a Milano’, an exhibition based on exhibitions organised at the end of the 19th century, we reveal how and why it was that during that specific period a real taste for the exotic develops in Europe, especially in Opera. The guide contains commentary on a whole wealth of the paintings, drawings, architectonic objects and photos that are on display, while music reminiscent of Verdi’s ‘Aida’ and Puccini’s ‘Madame Butterfly’ recreates the atmosphere of the far away locations that inspired the Western world.

At the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, we accompany the new Rousseau exhibition titled “Il candour arcaico” (Sole 24 Ore) with both an adult and family audio tour in Italian, English and French. The guide traces the stylistic parallels between Rousseau and his predecessors, contemporaries and successors, with commentary from various narrator voices enriched by quotes from Rosseau and the other artists themselves. The family tour takes young visitors through a world of dreams and adventures in tropical jungles where they listen to the conversations between the animals and people who live there, conveying the real passion of Henri Rousseau’s work.

And finally, ‘Tamara de Lempicka’ (24 Ore) is the exhibition at the Palazzo Chiablese in Turin. Gioia Mori, the curator of the exhibition, provides a fascinating commentary to the adult tour full of anecdotes and stories about the artist’s life and works, while Twenties style theme music plays in the background helping to underscore the painter’s adventurous life and bohemian life. The kids’ tour is lead by the daughter of Tamara de Lempicka who takes young visitors to meet the many people depicted in the paintings.

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