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Antenna Apps offer a collection of elegantly designed multimedia tour features for visitors of all types. Whether you want to develop the perfect audio tour app for large groups at a cultural site, or you want to create a museum app for individuals roaming your location at their own pace, Antenna has the solution.


Antenna tour app solutions result in beautifully designed, engaging experiences available via Antenna’s elegantly designed M3 multimedia device to fit in the palm of visitors’ hands or downloadable via their own mobile device. With custom designed audio players, group tour guide systems, and multimedia players, Antenna offers easy to use high-end technology that every guest can manage.

Antenna’s tour app development team works with each museum, heritage site, or public attraction to offer a tailored approach to build the best visitor experience for all. Our apps serve as guided multimedia tours to ensure guests can appreciate every aspect of your location without missing a thing.

If opting to rent, hire or purchase Antenna’s tour app system, depending on the anticipated number of visitors and typical tour length, our visitor services team will help determine the number of fully charged devices needed to serve every single guest in your location at a time.


Antenna has extensive experience creating guided tour solutions for all types of public attractions, from ancient historical sites that experience thousands of guided tours a month to sleek, modern factories looking to offer their visitors a fun, unique experience and everything in between.

This is made possible with innovative technology that offers:

  • 40+ interactive Features

    Engage your visitors with menus, quizzes, timelines, slide shows, maps and more – all customizable by audience type.

  • Accessibility

    Integrate native accessibility features with customized functionality to provide universal access to all.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Interfaces

    Not only beautifully designed, but easy-to-use app interfaces customizable to your brand guidelines.

  • CYOD or Device for Hire/Rent/Purchase

    Offer as an iOS or Android compatible download from app stores, or provide guests with a proprietary device.

Visitor Behavior Reporting

What’s more? Antenna Apps integrate directly with our proprietary behavioral data reporting system, providing you with real, actionable insight into visitor habits. Visitor reporting based on app behavior tracking helps identify areas for improvement within the content and structure of both your handheld tours and the exhibition design itself. It gives you the power to provide a visitor experience which adapts to audience needs over time.

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