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Immerse, engage, and impress your visitors with the Antenna Group Tour System

We help you keep a large group on track with equipment available right when you dock, so you’re ready to start exploring.

  • No more shouting or straining your voice
  • No more fighting for position next to the guide
  • No more problems with background noise
  • Never miss a word again

Allows your visitors to just relax and enjoy the tour!

The Antenna Group Tour System allows you to speak directly into the ears of your visitors, interact with them, answer their questions, and create a shared group experience—all without disrupting other visitors.

Both the transmitter and the receiver are light enough to be comfortably worn around the neck or carried in the hand.
Durable & Robust
We’ve built the Antenna Group Tour system to stand-up to the rigors of daily use by hundreds even thousands of visitors.
Premium-quality Audio
The latest digital sound technology means that audio is both rich and clear.
Multi-Channel Programming
The Antenna Group Tour System allows you to program specific channels for planned group reservations while keeping some free for ad-hoc visits.
Long Battery Life
Offering over 15 hours of continuous use the devices will easily get through a day’s use, and charging only takes 8 hours so they can be left overnight ready with a full charge in the morning.

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Need more help telling your story?

We can offer support in distribution and management of your group tour operation. We also offer
bespoke creative and technology solutions to help you better connect and engage with your visitors.

Why Antenna?

Global Capability, Local Expertise
Over 70 million people at hundreds of the world’s most famous landmarks have enjoyed Antenna tours with cultural nuances and sensibilities.

As partners, we can offer significant assistance in achieving your business goals, for example:

  • Expert advice on improving visitor flow and movement through the site
  • Support in managing multiple frequencies and eliminating interference
  • Guidance on how to reduce wait times and run an efficient group tour operation
  • Full-service option including distribution and staffingv

About Us

We are innovative storymakers and creative technologists devoted to visitor-first experiences.

We make audio tours, mobile apps, multimedia guides, podcasts, interactives, and superior story-driven content for the museum and cultural sector.

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