• It’s Contactless

    Visitors simply hold their phone up and scan a QR code – no need for physical contact.

  • It’s Super Quick

    Simply scan the QR code, and you’re in! Then play videos, audio and view images instantaneously – no wait times

  • It’s Yours

    No need for Google Play or the App Store, it deploys direct to the user.

*Compatible with all popular web browsers and smartphones
  • It’s Hygienic

    As the PWA works on the visitor’s own phone, it eliminates any possibility of transmitting viruses.

  • It’s Really Easy

    No complex installation, no downloads, no settings: it works through a browser, just like a website*

*Compatible with all popular web browsers and smartphones

Users scan a QR code or click a URL

Scan with QR Codes

Within seconds they can be experiencing your tour, via their web browser

Experience from Anywhere

The Antenna PWA gives visitors access to audio, images and video in seconds – either on-site, or from the comfort of their own home


A device-free experience

Concerns about hygiene and physical contact are dispelled with the PWA. Visitors can simply use their own devices.


A way to provide tours to visitors remotely

With the Antenna PWA visitors who are not able to visit can experience your site from the comfort of their own homes.

Quicker and Lighter

The Antenna PWA is lighter, quicker and less resource-intensive than a traditional downloadable app


  • Stop list navigation menu
  • Thumbnail previews with stop titles
  • Full screen images
  • Full screen video
  • Autoplay audio and video
  • Search function for stop names or numbers
  • Surveys with 5-tier star responses
  • Keypad navigation identical to on-site devices
  • Highlights Tour feature to control visitor flow at peak times


The Antenna PWA also gives you a way to turn your previous tours and archive material into a remote visitor experience

You know those great audio and multimedia tours you ran in the past? What if you could resurrect them and turn them into tours which visitors could experience anywhere in the world? The Antenna PWA does exactly that. We can convert your archive material into a PWA tour. From there, all visitors have to do is click or type in a link, or scan a QR code, to be up and experiencing your tour on their devices in seconds.

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The National Gallery in London uses the Antenna PWA

The Antenna PWA was recently deployed at the National Gallery in the UK, where we partnered with Kings College London and charity, the McPin Foundation, to produce a tour designed to increase awareness around Mental Health.

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