Behavioral Data Reporting

Behavioral Data Reporting offers ongoing, detailed tour engagement analysis. It provides unprecedented audience
understanding, leading to insights that drive action. Leverage the power of guided tour engagement data to adapt to your visitors’ changing needs.


Accessed via a simple to use, secure, online dashboard, Behavioral Data Reporting gives you a comprehensive overview of what your visitors are doing. It is accessible anywhere, anytime, via an internet-connected laptop, and can show data for multiple guided tours. Dozens of filters allow for in-depth analysis, which can be exported in CSV format for aggregation with other data sets.

  • How does the way people go through a tour change during the day?

    Our visitor engagement tracking technology allows you to understand what your visitors are doing throughout their tour experience. By time of day and day of week reports, you are able to understand trends and take action.

  • When are visitors likely to be most and least engaged?

    Using insights from Antenna’s technology, you are able to identify guided tour trends and adapt to changes in visitor habits for every tour group that walks through your doors.

  • When are people giving up on a stop during your tour?

    The tour engagement reports give you actionable insights from tracking and monitoring visitors engagement points to timing at stops throughout the tour.

  • What part of the tour needs or deserves a re-listen?

    No matter your audience, tour tracking data provides you with information to continually improve the visitor experience for all of your guests.

Antenna Behavioral Data Reporting helps you answer all of these questions and more!


Antenna has extensive experience creating guided tour solutions for all types of public attractions, from ancient historical sites that experience thousands of guided tours a month to sleek, modern factories looking to offer their visitors a fun, unique experience and everything in between.

This is made possible with innovative technology that offers:

  • Programmable date ranges

    Want insights into a specific event, promotion or season? Gain an unparalleled ability to review data dynamically

  • Flexible views

    Filter by a wide range of data points, e.g. specific languages or stops

  • Customizable interface

    Choose how you want data to be visualised

  • Multiple tour breakdown

    Breakdown per tour available for sites with multiple tours

  • Historical migration

    Migrate to our new solution and keep all pre-existing data

Safe, Secure and Robust

Utilizing Amazon’s Athena and S3 services, the infrastructure for our Visitor Insights & Tour Data Reporting solution is built on a highly secure and reliable foundation. The ability to absorb data intelligently means it won’t lock-up when numbers spike or the data is incomplete. Plus, if your internet connection goes down, our solution still allows device data logs to be processed when the devices are docked.

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Available for our M3 Multimedia Player or XP3 Audio Player, and part of the Antenna Ecosystem, Behavioral Data Reporting is your one-stop shop to understanding what your visitors truly want.

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