Finding the balance between technology and the arts

If leveraged correctly, technology has the ability to positively influence and support our humanity rather than push it away. It can help engage, recognize and protect those we care about and the people who work in organizations.

…” Technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing” … Steve Jobs

Being technologically inclined, it is instinctual for me to use devices and data to improve efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of daily life – both professionally and personally. With this tendency toward technology comes the responsibility – and morality – of ensuring the human’s needs are at the forefront of all innovations. The truth is, this line can be difficult to tread, as tech continues to progress exponentially, getting smarter and more pervasive. So how do we protect human expression amidst the appeal for increasing digitization?

Enhancing the digital experience

Museums challenge us to view things from a unique perspective. They are learning platforms, equipped to encourage imagination, exploration, and experimentation – of the artist and of the visitor. All great art, after all, provides an opportunity to understand the human condition and for Antenna, nothing could be more important than providing this platform. From historical sites, to modern galleries – our goal is to ensure every visitor has an immersive digital experience. Rather than functioning in a digital matrix, we view technology as a tool that helps connect the visitor in a way that is both stimulating and enlightening.

Engaging with art is not a solitary affair. As museums provide one of the few places left where we can come together to listen and share – despite our differences – it is our responsibility to support this goal with minimal interference and distraction from the devices we use. The way in which we guide the client toward embracing exceptional innovations while simultaneously connecting with the art lies at the forefront of our designs. If we can preserve the purpose of these museums and ensure digitization does not overpower the experience of the arts and the potential they have in enabling compassion, then we have succeeded.  

Rediscovering our humanity

If the data you are using and the devices you are building are not improving lives and giving space for more empathy, connection and community building, then you are doing a disservice to society. To take back humanity requires a vigilance about how we approach technological capabilities. This will be essential in order to push ourselves into new ideas that support the visitor’s experience, going forward.

How are you supporting digitization to enhance the human experience?

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