Sound vs Images - A new 'wave'...

art’s ocular bias, its separation of works and senses from one another, can’t help but seem harder to maintain in the light of art’s own development over the last century. Thankfully, there is growing evidence of a change in attitudes. We are already beginning to witness the emergence of a more polyphonic, multisensory, and downright noisy kind of spectatorship. The museum of the future may yet cater to the ears as much as the eyes.

Sound Art.

Even the name seems slightly at odds with itself.

Will sound ever take the center stage in galleries or museums alongside it’s illustrious visual counterparts.


The time is right for a renewed interest in audio in the gallery and museum spaces. One of the side effects of the current rush to VR is that people soon realize that images alone won’t fully stimulate the audience. However take the visuals away and the sound can live on its own, as the imagination powers the experience.

With new developments such as Google’s Resonance Audio SDK for creating “360” sound, there is certainly a buzz around audio only pieces again.

Tools like these give creators new ways to tell immersive stories and new ways to set mood and ambiance.

And with this new ‘wave’ (excuse the pun) of tools, one can hope there will be a renewed interest and further equality with images. 

Here’s to a noisy future.

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