Study shows a positive trend towards social media in Italian museums: Facebook is number 1, QR codes are dead

Analizzando i messaggi postati si nota che la maggior parte di essi è di natura promozionale, riguarda la segnalazione di eventi o accoglienza (orari di apertura e promozioni sugli ingressi). Molto apprezzate sono, però, le rubriche in cui vengono proposte opere del museo o racconti di storie che ruotano intorno ad esse, ad esempio su particolari personaggi: solo chi offre contenuti di valore sulle opere esposte e sulle storie che ruotano attorno ad esse, infatti, riesce a creare engagement.
Nel campione analizzato, i 3 musei con il maggior numero di page like su Facebook sono i Musei Vaticani, seguiti dalla Reggia de La Venaria Reale e dal MAXXI al terzo posto.

When you visit the website of the Vatican Museums today you are welcomed by an immersive video. Impressive images of Vatican’s treasures accompanied by atmospheric music invite the visitor, offering as well all kind of practical information and giving detailed insight into the collections including also informations about accessibility with a modern attractive design. 

This is only one very recent example (23.1.2017) of the new positive trend regarding the use of digital and social media by Italian museums and their visitors which has been analyzed in January 2017 by the “OSSERVATORIO – Digital Innovation in Arts and Culture Heritage”: 

Italian museums count on the use of social networks! In 2016, 52% have an account and 57% are on FB, 31% on Twitter. Virtual installations, the use of QR codes are instead rare and much work has still to be done regarding the international public. Many sites are in Italian only. Really interesting new is that the rubrics and contributions most appreciated by visitors are stories about the concrete works, the personalities and historic and anecdotical contexts around them and the museum. So creative story telling could get even more spread and rethought for the different platforms!

Very happy to discover their detailed ongoing research which can become really useful for our industry!

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