Visit a museum? What's in it for me...?

What was most interesting was that millennials tended to overestimate the cost of the ticket by a significant margin. One of the suggestions in the presentation is obviously to find a more effective way to communicate the pricing.

No one likes to be disappointed. Be it an overcooked egg in your breakfast, missing out on a great deal, or Lady Gaga’s latest single (ok, maybe that one’s more just me). But how can disappointment factor into your decision to do something before you’ve even tried it?

The research cited in this post suggests two key considerations (among others, of course) often at work for millennials deciding whether to attend a cultural exhibition or show:

The two thought processes seem, to me, to be linked. If you’re already doubting whether a show is for you, might you not naturally be more inclined to ‘decide’ that it’s too expensive for you anyway, despite not actually knowing how much it costs? 

While communicating ticket prices more clearly is an easy way of allaying one of these concerns, museums and galleries might need to think more meaningfully, not about how to attract certain audiences to their shows, but rather how to ensure they enjoy themselves once they’re there.

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