Why streamlining your work processes leads to greater productivity (and a happier workforce)

Instead of simply surrounding knowledge workers with ever-better digital assistants and bots, organizations and their workers will get greater returns investing in “selves improvement.” That is, providing digital tools, techniques and technologies that empower employees to craft high-performance versions of themselves — “selves” that are smarter, bolder, more creative, more persuasive and/or more empathic than one’s “typical” or “average” self.


For any organization to succeed, there need to be engaged and highly productive employees executing on goals that are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives. At Antenna, a company devoted to developing experiences that are memorable and deeply meaningful, our productivity stems from creating a climate that encourages depth of thought, personal expression and the space to create. In order for us to achieve exceptional business results, we need to ensure our employees are working at their optimal levels to get the best possible outcomes. This comes down to how we learn, create and innovate.

To innovate or not to innovate, there is no question

Over the past 3 years, much of our focus at Antenna has been on developing highly optimized and automated systems that enable our employees to do their job and to do it well. The purpose of these systems is to generate and measure KPIs through dashboards, allowing teams to become more focused on real time and relevant data, with no delay in the timeliness of the information provided. Gone are the days where micromanagement and the fear of delivering bad news to leadership were topics of distress. By centrally locating the performance information within an online framework, we have developed a decision-making authority that employees are accountable to. In this way, the accuracy of the data encourages reliable and transparent results, making it easier for management to make smarter, more calculated business decisions based on employee productivity and performance. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

When art meets science

So, what does this mean for artistic solutions? When you are working with a sophisticated data collection that is simple and easy to use, more time can be dedicated to playing, researching and testing creative ideas. Creativity needs time to flourish. By granting our employees the time and space to explore things from every direction, we noticed a significant improvement in employee morale and our bottom line. We found that when teams were no longer held back by complex and time-consuming technology, we were staffed with a more flexible and collaborative workforce. The exploitation of successful new ideas now comes from our employees having the time to dedicate their energy to learning new skills and being motivated to do their very best.

Fueling our focus

When working with a global company, a diverse workforce and a varied set of skills, it is vital we create an organizational climate where every individual can explore what they love most and can dedicate their energy to creative and disruptive pursuits. This is especially relevant for an organization that thrives in the arts space, where the use of time is at the forefront of creative development. Becoming more innovative in the way we run our processes has allowed us to fuel our focus to our employees and their needs – without the noise of stagnant technology that gets in the way of creative flow, work progress and employee morale.

How are you creating a future where technology enables a more productive and satisfied workforce?

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