Berliner Dom doubles audio tour uptake

Client profile
The Berliner Dom is one of the main attractions in Berlin’s cityscape, housing the city’s most important Protestant church. The Berliner Dom, with its intricate designs, has a rich history dating back to the Fifteenth Century. This was the court church to the rulers of Prussia and later the German Emperors. Today the church serves the Protestant community in Berlin and the surrounding areas.
Challenge – reluctant to offer tours
Although the Berliner Dom had an existing multimedia tour, the staff were reluctant to offer tours to its visitors for three reasons:
  • High failure rate of outdated multimedia players
  • Negative feedback from visitors, stating they were unable to connect to the experience, as the existing tour was too long (over 2 hours)
  • Unable to offer additional players if existing supply ran out
The Berliner Dom cathedral staff were also concerned about the impact of any extra work required to support the multimedia tour needs.
Solution – an immersive tour experience
Knowing the Berliner Dom is one of the most visited sites in Berlin, Antenna International approached the Berliner Dom staff seeking a partnership and offering a solution to their tour needs. Antenna explained their capability and presented a personal reference letter from the Cologne Cathedral, showing the Berliner Dom their success working with Cathedrals.
Antenna was able to offer the Berliner Dom a bespoke tour package, offering their recommendation of areas of expertise when needed, and allowing the Berliner Dom to have ownership in areas such as scriptwriting when requested. Antenna showed the Berliner Dom staff how to monetize the tour experience and communicated a vision of how Antenna could help the Berliner Dom reach their goals. Antenna’s key achievements for this client were:
  • Production, management, and distribution of audio tours. A linear tour allows visitors to see the most important items in the cathedral within a shorter time frame. Combining narrative, storytelling, and music from their own famous organ results in a more immersive atmosphere. The audio tour not only allows visitors to learn about the history and architecture of the Berliner Dom, but also guides listeners to the basement, to see the graves of the Prussian Kings. The audio tour is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian, and is played on an XP2 soon to be moved into an XP3.
  • Onsite Antenna staff support visitors within all areas related to tour management. Staff also share information, and actively recommends the tour to visitors.
In addition to these services, Antenna helped the Berliner Dom to create new signage and helped familiarize the Berliner Dom staff to the new tour system.
Result – double the number of visitors take the tour
The tour and new visitor management launched in July 2017. Almost immediately after changes were made, the Berliner Dom doubled the number of visitors that take a tour, despite the slightly more expensive cost than the previous tour price.
Visitor feedback has been very positive. Comments include:
  • “… I would highly recommend the audio tour, it gives you the story of this amazing building from its inception through 2 world wars and its near destruction to the amazing landmark it is now…” Visitor, Durham, United Kingdom
  • “This impressive church and excellent audioguide tour should be on your must see list for Berlin. After touring the beautiful church you can go up to the top and get a lovely view of the city.” Visitor, Oregon, United States
  • “Audio guide is a must! …the audio guide takes you through the various aspects of the design and also covers the restoration that has taken place over the years. It adds a lot to your visit!” Visitor, August 2017

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Berliner Dom
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