An award-winning way to keep kids entertained at the Bildergalerie in Park Sanssouci

Client Testimonial

“It’s been a wonderful collaboration. I am really pleased with how everything has worked out with the latest Antenna productions at the Foundation of Prussian Castles and Gardens”, Björn Ahlhelm, Castle Area Manager, SPSG

Client Profile

The Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg, or SPSG, is a public foundation responsible for managing and maintaining approximately 800 acres of gardens and over 150 historic buildings. Antenna International has been their proud interpretation partner since 2001.

SPSG proudly manages the Bildergalerie, Sanssouci. The Bildergalerie, in the Sanssouci Park Palace, was built during the reign of Frederick II of Prussia. It is situated east of the palace and is the oldest existing museum built for a ruler in Germany.


Every year, Antenna International and SPSG meet to discuss their visitor needs and brainstorm innovative visitor experiences. In 2017, SPSG and Antenna determined that children and young adults would benefit from bespoke tours at selected historic sites within the organisation.

The Bildergalerie, in the Sanssouci Park Palace, desperately needed a children’s tour to engage their very young guests, who often lost focus and interest in what they were looking at. The hundreds of paintings in the gallery are displayed in the traditional “Petersburg hanging” method, where up to 3 or 4 pieces are displayed very close together, on top and side-by-side each other. This was difficult for young children to both identify art on display or to take away any education from it. Antenna was therefore tasked with making young visitors’ experiences more engaging while at the same time ensuring that children would leave the gallery more knowledgeable about the artwork they just saw.


‘Gamification’ and ‘edutainment’ were core elements of Antenna’s approach in creating a bespoke multimedia guide with twelve stops for this younger audience. The result allows elementary school children to be playfully introduced to the Bildergalerie in an easily digestible and entertaining way, all the while conveying important contextual information about the artworks and the picture gallery as a whole.
The tour is designed as a real ‘bag of surprises’ and no two stops are the same: sometimes the children can expect an exciting mini-radio play or a ‘sound collage’ that transforms a previously “boring” painting into a living, breathing narrative. Plenty of interactive games foster intense exploration of the original artworks, such as changing the lighting of a picture, finding failures in its reproduction on the screen, recreating a painting out of puzzle pieces or testing your memory in exciting quizzes. This the screen-based multimedia tour becomes truly what Antenna refers to as an “eyes-up experience”.
To better navigate the Petersburg hanging, the user can choose to interact with the individual stops by using a fun, sideways scrolling depiction of the hallway. The twelve artworks selected for children to learn more about are distinguished by their photo in gold frames, while the other works in the gallery appear greyed-out with frames drawn in a cartoon-like style. This means children can walk down the hallway and view everything in any order they wish, allowing them to follow their curiosity.


The Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg was more than pleased with their new children’s tour for the Bildergalerie at Sanssouci Palace.
This engaging multimedia guide for for children aged 6-10 also caught the attention of the organisers of the world-famous German Design Award, where Antenna took home first-place for Excellent Communications Design in Apps.
The German Design Award celebrates projects that positively represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. Judged by a highly esteemed international jury, this award honours unique design trends while advancing the German design industry itself.

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Bildergalerie at Park Sanssouci
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