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The Musei Civici system is run by Rome City Council and comprises an extremely diverse group of museums and archaeological sites of undoubted artistic and historical value. The Musei Civici system exhibits ancient, modern, and contemporary art as well as archaeological sites.
Within this system is the most esteemed site, Musei Capitolini. This site holds the primacy of being the oldest public museum in the world. The collection hosts artwork that ranges from ancient Roman statues and inscriptions to medieval and renaissance art.
The Musei Civici system also encompasses the Museo dell’Ara Pacis, designed by Richard Meier and home to various important exhibitions and the Mercati di Traiano, with the Museo dei Fori Imperiali.
Antenna International operates in 7 sites within the Musei Civisi system including the three above mentioned main venues.
In partnership with the Musei Civici, Antenna provides the following services:
  • Multimedia guides for Musei CapitoliniMuseo dei Mercati di Traiano and the Museo dell’Ara Pacis, translated in 6 languages, including Russian.
  • Audioguides for Museo di Roma, Museo di scultura Giovanni BarraccoMuseo di Villa Torlonia
  • Apps for Musei CapitoliniMuseo dei Mercati di Traiano and the Museo dell’Ara PacisMuseo Napoleonico
  • Group Tours for Musei CapitoliniMuseo dell’Ara Pacis
The Musei Civici system comprises various museums in Rome, therefore, one challenge the Musei Civici faced was to create a multimedia guide with an easily recognizable and seamless design. This design needed to span across all museums in order to appear as one solid brand to visitors.
In addition to this, the multimedia guide and the Antenna team also needed to:
  • Explain each of the venues very extensive art collection in a simple manner
  • Appeal to the Museums’ very diverse visitors, who range in both age and background
  • Create a tool, via an interactive map on the multimedia guide, to facilitate the visitors’ orientation at the MuseiCapitolini and the MuseodeiMercati di Traiano labyrinthine museum spaces
  • Interact and liaise with the client as well as the Museum’s director and curators
  • Provide an innovative visually impaired tour for the Museo dell’Ara Pacis in order to allow disabled visitors to access and envision the monument
To meet all of the challenge requirements, Antenna has implemented the following services:
  • Created a design and user experience for the multimedia guides and apps that are customised in order to be recognizable within the three main venues whilst still having site-specific features
  • Developed apps whereby the user’s experience is simple and intuitive
  • Developed four different itineraries customised to the visitors’ needs according to their interests and time frames
  • An interactive map to allow visitors to easily walk their way through the labyrinthine museum spaces at the MuseiCapitolini and the Mercati di Traiano.
  • Led an effective and productive working relationship with the Directors and Curators of the Museums, which stimulated the creation of new enriched content
  • At the Ara Pacis Museum, Antenna partnered with visually-impaired persons to create a guided tactile experience of temple friezes, busts, and other architectural features. This project, titled Art for the Blind, helps visually impaired visitors enjoy a multi-sensorial exploration of the monument. By applying technological innovation to art, the project allows visitors to explore artworks or their replicas through their touch, whilst audio descriptions of the areas are being explored are triggered simultaneously. This tour has been very successful, the Italian media have diffusely mentioned and praised this tour.
The multimedia guides have received very positive feedback from the visitors all over the world at all three museums, particularly from the Museo dell’Ara Pacis:
  • “The audio-visual guide using a tablet was the best I saw in Rome“. Visitor, Sydney, Australia
  • The Ara Pacis benefit from the availability of an audio guide to explain the context and guide the visitor around and into the altar itself. Well worth seeing“. Visitor, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Bits and pieces of Roman history are more clear to me after I have seen it (and listened to the audio guide)”. Visitor, Denmark

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Civici Roma
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