Deutsches Filmmuseum inspires new gen of film lovers

Client Profile
Known for its grand cinema, diverse exhibitions and robust archives, the Deutsches Filmmuseum (German Film Museum) sits atop the must-visit list of many cinephiles worldwide.
Challenge – To engage more with younger audiences
The museum felt it could do even more to inspire its youngest visitors through its education program and exhibits. With that mission in mind, the museum partnered with Antenna International to implement an innovative workshop series that would not only be educational, but also serve as the launching pad for a multimedia guide for young people to be used with the museum’s permanent exhibition.
Solution – Actively involve and consult with young people in the development process
Antenna worked closely with the museum to launch the workshop series in June 2015, helping to shape the curriculum and experience. Kids of all ages from local schools and youth groups were welcomed to participate in the workshops, including recipients of the Diesterweg Stipendium – a scholarship awarded by the Polytechnic Society of Frankfurt to disadvantaged children and their parents.
Throughout the two years since the launch, participating kids have learned about film history and the art of filmmaking, including how camera angles and lighting can direct one’s understanding of a story, and how sound can affect a viewer’s perception of images on screen. After gaining a deep understanding of the museum’s FilmicNarrative assets, the kids developed a script and outline for a multimedia guide, and were even able to narrate it.
Outcome – an engaging multimedia guide created ‘by young people for young people’
The result of their hard work is an exciting, engaging multimedia guide created ‘by young people for young people’ that was unveiled to the public on September 1, 2017. Kids, along with their families (and individual visitors), can now follow the multimedia guide, which uses iPads to lead them through an interactive experience.
Thanks to the unique approach taken in its development, the guide is slated to be a permanent resource, far exceeding the three-to-four month run of most multimedia productions. Further, initial response has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming the museum’s goal to educate and inspire the next generation of moviegoers and filmmakers.
In the end, no one understands what appeals to kids better than other kids, which is a key insight Antenna and the Deutsches Filmmuseum used to make this such a success.

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