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One of only two museums dedicated solely to Egyptian art and culture, MuseoEgizio di Torino houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities in the world—more than 30,000 objects, with 6,500 on display. Among these the most significant are an extraordinary statue of Ramses II, one of the world’s most significant papyrus collections, and the Tomb of Kha, which dates to 3,500 BC.
The layout of the MuseoEgizio di Torino (Egyptian Museum in Turin) underwent a major reorganisation in 2014, following the appointment of Dr. Christian Greco as the new director. The museum chose not to shut its doors during the transition and continued to welcome visitors until restructuring was completed in April 2015.
The museum needed new tours for exhibitions in progress during the transition, and to compliment the reorganisedstructure of the museum as a whole. It was important for the tours to engage international visitors from a variety of backgrounds and ages.
The museum partnered with Antenna to support the transition and overall visitor experience.
In early November 2014, Antenna facilitated a story-mapping workshop. The interactive session brought together Antenna experts and key personnel from the museum, to identify and discuss how the digital guide, would support, compliment and enhance the museum’s priorities in the short, medium and long-term.
A small exhibition was created on the first floor, opening during the transition period. Antenna produced “The Directors Tour” to highlight important archaeological pieces and allow visitors to positively experience the museum, despite the reconstruction taking place on the upper floors.
Antenna produced a 2-hour multimedia guide for the museum’s official re-opening in April 2015, included in the cost of the visitor ticket price. Available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, French and Arabic, the multimedia guide points out key items and communicates the meanings behind the extravagant collection. The guide includes video content from some of the most well-known archeologists in the world who share their love for the Museo  Egizio di Torino and describe the museum’s impact on their lives.
The museum welcomed over 1 million visitors in the year following the restructuring raising the risk of overcrowding. To aid with traffic flow, Antenna developed a shorter one-hour multi-media tour suitable for guests visiting for a shorter time frame.
Antenna also developed a family tour. Working with the museum’s educational department, Antenna invited children to explore the museum and ask questions along the way. This helped Antenna to develop tour content that was engaging for children, as some of the questions were out of the box and unusual. Antenna also worked with Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, a company who produced a series of books for children sold in the museum gift shop, to create characters for this tour and bring them to life in the digital format.
Visitors to the Museo Egizio di Torino are very pleased with their experience. Many have left positive reviews:
  • “We went with our son, and the children’s audio guide kept the visit interesting for him (as well as the adults) from start to finish. If you have children, they might also enjoy a book available from the bookshop that explains (in kid terms) some aspects of the museum. We have visited the museum in Cairo and liked this better as the organization and the explanations were superior. Don’t miss!” Visitor
  • “After several years I was back to the Egyptian museum, and I was surprised of the complete renovation of it. The new structure and the usage of audio guide help to visit the museum with a tour tailor-made for your exigencies.” Visitor
  • “The audio guide helped us through the 3 hours visit (we chose the family tour) and it was instructive as well as fun for our children…they never got scared from the mummies thanks to the kids’ voices in their headsets…” Visitor, Naples, Italy
 Antenna is now working to release a downloadable app for the museum that will include more information on the museum’s artifacts, interactive features, and tools for social media engagement.

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Museo Egizio di Torino
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