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Explorica produces unforgettable educational tours for students around the world. All trips are skilfully created to immerse guests in the local culture all while showing students the people, places and experiences that make each destination one of a kind.

Explorica is committed to enhancing the lives of students, aiding over 400,000 students and teachers to participate in outstanding educational travel every year.


With a goal to provide the most immersive and educational experience, all while looking after the safety and support of their student participants, Explorica required a group tour system that would effectively manage their student excursions.

Explorica offers students the opportunity to experience the rich history and culture of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations, including Venice, Florence and Rome. While travelling abroad can be an exciting experience for nearly every student with newfound independence, navigating a new country can also be a lot to take on.

Students visiting busy historical sites and cultural points of interests all while travelling to multiple cities presents tour guides with the difficult task of managing their group. That’s why Explorica needed a group tour system that not only aids in crowd management but also provides the clear communication of tour guides to students. Clear communication ensures guides can grasp the attention of students while they freely explore these historical sites and ensure everyone remains on tour in crowded areas. The group tour system needed to also be reliable and provided by a team with excellent service.


As the existing group tour service provider to the Vatican, Antenna International was easily integrated into the Explorica Italian tour operation in 2013.

Antenna provided Explorica Group Tour System devices to support their multi-city Italian tour operation. To help with logistics, Antenna facilitates the Group Tour System device drop off and pick up to Explorica tour every day, saving guides valuable travel time.

The Group Tour System device allows tour guides to communicate clearly with large groups of students. Students listen to guides on portable, lightweight devices using disposable, hygienic headphones. The tour guide, who can speak to their group with the Group Tour System device microphone, provide invaluable information about historical and cultural sites. Guides can also effectively lead their group, ensuring everyone remains together. This means students can roam around sites freely, take pictures and immerse themselves in the experience all while listening to their guides.


Due to the reliable technology and high level of service Antenna became the universal group tour service provider for Explorica in January of 2018.

The Explorica team are pleased with Antenna’s group tour solution, and Antenna is excited to provide them with leading Group Tour System technology and unparalleled service for years to come.

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