Lamborghini elevate visitor experience at Italian museums with the Antenna Group Tour System

Client Profile

Race cars. Formula 1. Fast. Iconic.

Cars excite us, and most of us have a fascination with them. Their design, exclusivity, performance and technology interest even the most novice of car buffs and completely enthral the genuine cognoscenti.

That’s why world-renowned luxury and performance automobile brands have dedicated museums and factory tours that showcase their work to car lovers from around the world.

In the heart of the Italian Motor Valley is the Lamborghini Museum. The museum showcases models from the past and present, formula 1 racing cars, and the Lamborghini Jewels: its engines. This tour provides an unforgettable experience of skilful craftsmanship where visitors walk away truly understanding why these magical Italian sports cars are desired and loved across the whole world.


Lamborghini provides nothing but the best throughout its entire business – they’re a brand that world reputation for excellence. They wanted to make sure that their museum and factory tour was equally as premium, and that visitors would leave with an unforgettable and inspirational experience.


Antenna International provided Lamborghini with 120 Group Tour System technology bespoke to their specific needs in order to not only provide the premium group experience the client required, but also to make managing tour groups easier and more efficient.


The Lamborghini factory floor, similar to the cars it produces, now works like a well-oiled machine – the group tour experience isn’t just a benefit, its essential to the Lamborghini brand and operation.

Visitors at each site leave more impressed than they came. Lamborghini guests have nothing but the best to say about their experience:

“It’s such an impressive factory, and the tour guide did a great job showing and explaining the different stages of the production line. I now have even more appreciation of these magnificent cars.” Lamborghini Visitor, 2018

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Country: Italy
City: Via Modena
Institution Type: Modern Attractions
Year Founded: 2001
Content Type: Groups
Tour Type: Adult
Exhibit Functionalities: GTS

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