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Client profile
Built by world-renowned French architect Jean NouvelThe Louvre Abu Dhabi aims to present a global vision of art history. Displaying major objects from the fields of archaeology, fine arts, and decorative arts, the museum represents all regions and periods.
Located in the Saadiyat Island Cultural District, the museum sits at the crossroads of East and West, a site particularly well suited to showcase the shared influences and mutual historical connections between different cultures around the world.
Challenge – New State-of-the-Art Museum has Changing Timeline, Multi-lingual Collaborative Needs, and Reputation to Uphold
Before opening its doors to the public, The Louvre Abu Dhabi sought to compliment it’s one-of-a-kind architecture with a first-class visitor experience. Seeking a world leader in tour-services, the museum required a partnership that could provide and accommodate world class writing, production and translation alongside innovative techniques including 360 photography, AR, and 3d imagery within their tour content.
The Louvre Abu Dhabi also required a tour supplier who could work with parties speaking multiple languages. With art curators speaking French, parts of the team at the Museum speaking Arabic, and  – when needed for collaboration purposes –  meetings and content in English, the Louvre Abu Dhabi required their content to be created simultaneously in three languages; French, Arabic & English.
The museum chose world leader in tour content and device solutions Antenna International, the existing tour provider for Louvre Paris and Louvre Lens.
Solution – Creative Process and Multi-lingual Production meets Louvre Abu Dhabi needs
Once the partnership between Antenna and Louvre Abu Dhabi was established, it became apparent that the amount of content required in time for museum’s opening date was going to be challenging to deliver under a typical production process. This meant that Antenna needed to be creative in its approach, to find a way to generate content at the rate required for the museum to be ready when the doors opened whilst maintaining the highest quality level worthy worthy of a world class museum in all languages.
Starting with the creative process, Antenna engaged with the art curators. The Louvre Abu Dhabi has over 300 artworks on loan from France, including Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of “La Belle Ferronnière” and massive marble nymphs from Versailles. The museum provided Antenna with factual information about these artworks. The Antenna team used their deep experience in tour development to turn this factual information into engaging content for visitors, telling the rich history and story of each artefact in the most interesting way possible, whilst still creating information accessible and relatable to all international visitors.
To accommodate the multi-lingual needs, Antenna first wrote the pieces in French, to accommodate first to the client’s curators. After these initial edits were made by curators, versions in English and Arabic were created for more team members to review. To save time, any changes requested in either of these languages then had to be simultaneously reconciled back in all other languages, before final drafts were created for sign off from the most senior members of the Louvre Abu Dhabi management team.
Outcome – Quick Content Solution & Plans for the Future
This multi-lingual content production process was done with ease by Antenna’s international team, seamlessly creating tour content for the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s fast approaching grand opening. Working to a very tight timeline, Antenna successfully provided French, English and Arabic audio tours to the Louvre Abu Dhabi on opening day, with more languages set to launch in the future.
Alongside the adult content, a family tour was also created in time for the opening. This tour features interactive games on multimedia devices, inspiring and connecting younger audiences with the wealth of art history the Louvre Abu Dhabi has to offer.
Antenna also produced a series of film interviews shot in the run up to the museum opening, including an interview with architect Jean Nouvel, senior members of the Abu Dhabi government, museum director Manuel Rabaté, and Jenny Holzer, one of the artists who created unique pieces for the museum’s collection. These pieces will not only be featured on the multimedia guide for guests to access at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, but will also live on the museum’s website and social platforms.
The next phase of the project will see Antenna work on further enhancing the richness of the museum’s multimedia offering, including a production of 360 photography and augmented reality with 3d imagery.

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