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Saint-Nazaire Agglomeration Tourisme (Tourist Office of Saint Nazaire) is responsible for implementing the city’s tourism policy, communicating the city’s cultural heritage to the public and managing the tourist information centre. Duties include promotion of the following tourist sites: Ecomusee heritage museum, Escal’Atlantic ocean liner reconstruction, Espadon submarine, Kerlede lighthouse and the barrow of Dissignac, plus guided tours of Shipyard STX France, Airbus and Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port.
Builder of the worlds largest passenger ships, STX France is located near the sea. Because of its location, the Tourist Office of Saint Nazaire, who is responsible for the STX France Shipyard tourist site, required a touring device that could withstand not only the humid climate but also large touring groups set in a large and noisy atmosphere. In addition to a device needed for this site, The Tourist Office of Saint Nazaire also required a touring device for the Airbus factory in Saint Nazaire, which is also in a loud location.
Antenna International has provided tour devices and content to the Espadon submarine, also operated by the Tourist Office of Saint Nazaire, for over 10 years. Because of this great relationship, with a positive tour experience at the Esapadon submarine, Antenna was selected to provide the Tourist Office of Saint Nazaire with touring devices for two more locations.
Because of the unique needs of the STX France Shipyard and Airbus Factory tours in Saint Nazaire, a GTS group radio device was provided to the client to aide in large group tours. These GTS devices allow a clear and fully immersive tour experience for visitors, no matter how large and noisy the location. These sturdy devices not only are suitable for groups in loud, factory-like settings full of machine noise but also can withstand volatile climates and factors of weather, including humidity.
Tour feedback from guests has been very positive, with many guests commenting on the clarity of the tour, thanks to a suitable and sturdy tour device. Some visitors have said the following in regards to the Airbus and Shipyard tours:
  • “The tour was excellent value for money, well directed, and very interesting. The rolling programme for the Airbus 380 was illustrated by viewing the production line and the process from order to delivery was described every step of the tour.” Visitor, UK
  • “Everyone was given headphone sets as it’s quite loud in there and saw the new Celebrity Edge in its early stages of construction. This is a brilliant tour if you are interested in shipbuilding!” Visitor, Belgium
Antenna, who has provided the Esapadon Submarine audio-guide tour to the Tourist Office of Saint Nazaire for over 10 years, still receives positive reviews on this tour as well. This tour is available in 4 languages and blends technical and historical aspects, accounts of life on the submarine and amazing underwater sounds, enhancing the visitor’s experience:
  • “There is an audio guide that everyone gets and you need it really to understand what is going on.” Visitor, UK
  • “It makes for a fascinating visit showing how submarine crews lived in extremely cramped quarters, and with an excellent multilingual audioguide” Visitor, France
  • “We visited the submarine with our 12-year-old son. The submarine is well-presented, with the audio guide really informative and enjoyable.” Visitor, UK
Antenna looks forward to providing more services to the Tourist Office of Saint Nazaire. With the 30th anniversary of the Espadon Submarine site opening set for 2018, Antenna plans to provide a new modernized tour with all new content and devices for the facility!

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Saint - Nazaire Agglomeration Tourisme
Country: France
City: Saint Nazaire
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Year Founded: 2009
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