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Space Center Houston is the official visitor center of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center — the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) center for human spaceflight activities. The center presents various collections, exhibits, theaters, and attractions about the remarkable past and exciting future of America’s spaceflight program.
As the Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center, Space Center Houston wanted all of its visitors to experience NASA’s efforts to advance the dreams of space exploration—through courage, ingenuity, and resilience.
One of the goals of Space Center Houston is to encourage young people to pursue science. Space Center Houston set out to create a tour that engages and educates all of their visitors –  children, young adults and adults – leaving behind a memorable and informative experience.
Antenna International was asked to develop new multimedia tour content for Space Center Houston. Excited by the challenge, Antenna worked with the museum to create a hands-on educational tour for children and an engaging adult tour, both available in English and Spanish.
For the Adult tour, Antenna paired historical audio content with new interviews. The resulting tour features engineers, flight directors and astronauts who lead visitors into space. Notable interviewees include:
  • Astronaut Tracy Caldwell-Dyson talking about NASA’s plan for the Orion Capsule, the space vehicle which will eventually explore Mars
  • Astronaut Sunita “Sunny” Williams, reporting from space onboard the International Space Station
  • Dr. Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic female astronaut in space and the eleventh director of Johnson Space Center
  • Astronaut Dave Wolf talking about how every resource is valuable in space, and that everything which can be recycled is, including human waste.
  • NASA flight directors, Norman Knight and Chris Edelen
  • NASA flight engineer, Gary Ash, who worked on the 747 that was converted into Shuttle Aircraft Carrier 905 to ferry the space shuttle on its back and transport it across the country in order to take off into space
  • NASA engineer and model aircraft enthusiast John Kiker who came up with the idea of retrofitting the 747 in this way
As one can imagine, these individuals added fascinating audio content and perspectives to the tour.
In addition to developing new content for the adult tour, Antenna also utilized archival photos from Space Center Houston. The messaging within the tour highlights the future of space exploration and incorporates education about the physical space, mixed with interviews. This combination creates a sense of intimacy and connection throughout the tour.
In the kids’ tour, children are led on an interactive experience, building curiosity for the past and future of space exploration through games and quizzes.
These quizzes were designed without right or wrong answers. Similar to a personality quiz, the answers accumulate to reveal to children what area of science they may have the most interest in. Based on the answers, kids are placed into one of three unique profiles tailored to their answer; Visionary, Commander, or Engineer. At the end of the tour, after answering all questions and collecting all game badges, children are then taken to a screen on the multimedia guide that gives them information on their specific field of science, what career they may be most successful in, and how to become involved in that particular field.
On both tours, visitors can access an interactive portrait of space, starting off on earth and scrolling using their finger to watch a spaceship take off. Within this, visitors can move the background and follow the spaceship, seeing markers of text and images as they scroll by places of interest, such as the International Space Station, the moon, and so much more. As they move through space to the end of the solar system, visitors see on the screen how far away they are from earth, giving an idea of the vastness of the solar system.
Space Center Houston and its visitors are very pleased with the multimedia and audio tour content Antenna has produced. Many of the Space Center Houston visitors have left enthusiastic feedback in regards to the tours:
  • “Great day, really enjoyed the audio tour. So much to see & not having to read everything allowed us to do and see more.” Visitor, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
  • “We really enjoyed our audio tour option giving a more comprehensive guide to everything as there is so much to see and interact with.” Visitor, Melbourne, Australia
  • “We did purchase the audio tour and it was worth it. Very detailed and helps you understand the importance of what you are looking at.” Visitor

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