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Titanic Belfast is based at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast, where the iconic RMS Titanic was built. The attraction is the world’s largest Titanic exhibition, and has hosted over three million visitors since opening in 2012.
The Titanic may possibly be the world’s most iconic ship to ever set sail, it’s popularity forever imprinted in pop culture history when the film Titanic took home the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1998.
When Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest Titanic Exhibition, opened its doors to the public in 2012 they needed to find a way to educate visitors about the history of the ship and it’s importance to the community of Belfast, outside of the well known fictional story of Jack and Rose.
With the story of the Titanic included in the curriculum for many students in Northern Ireland, Titanic Belfast wanted to also engage children visiting the museum. Engaging younger visitors is tricky as they have a lower attention span and could find the tragic story of the sinking of the ship frightening. The exhibition wanted to instill a sense of security to their audience, highlighting the safety regulations that are now mandatory as a result of the tragic event.
Antenna International was proud to produce The Titanic Experience’s walking tour in August 2013 and the multi-media tour in 2015.
The tour features beautiful archive photos of the Titanic and tells the story of Belfast: why Titanic was built there, the people who built her, life on board and also the changes and advances that have been made as a result of the tragedy. It gives visitors the chance to listen to interviews with Titanic Historian Stephen Cameron and the voices of the crew who work on-site at Titanic Belfast.
The visual design of the tour has been inspired by the museum building itself and the images used throughout work to show how impressive a feat Titanic really was, evoking a sense of that time. The tour features a video of the architect of the iconic Titanic Belfast building sketching his inspirations, as well as a clip of the equipment used to discover and explore the sunken wreck.
In addition to this Adult Tour,  Antenna designed a family tour addressing questions such as why did she sink and why was she made in the first place? The family tour has a really vibrant and elegant design and features lots of animations starring Titanic Belfast caricatures. The characters had been developed for onsite signage some time ago. Animating them with a fun script brought them to life.
To explain the tragedy in a sensible and safe way, Antenna writer, David McFetridge, came up with a really beautiful stop on the tour, describing the sinking of the ship in 37 seconds – the exact amount between the lookout spotting the iceberg and Titanic hitting it. This stop effectively explains to kids the reality of the ship sinking without creating fear.
As guests progress through the tour, elements change – for example, on the main menu scroll down the background moves from being a blue sky to the shipyard. There is also a quiz, interviews with men who worked in the Harland & Wolff shipyard (where Titanic was built), a content hotspot game and small family challenges to keep children engaged.
The walking tour was developed by Antenna for the XP-Iris 2 multimedia player, and is available in eight languages. In addition to an Adult and a Family Tour, Antenna has also produced a Visually Impaired and a British Sign Language Tour.
The Titanic Belfast team and its visitors have been very pleased with the tours at the exhibition. Many guests have left rave reviews about the audio-guide content:
  • “The audio guide is a must, it adds a lot to the tour.” Visitor, Ireland
  • “The kids were kept entertained as they had an activity to look out for certain things around the site and they got certificates at the end .. happy kids we had. Quite informative and educational, I can’t rave enough.” Visitor
  • “Didn’t know what to expect but have to say the Titanic experience was 5 stars all the way from start to finish would recommend it highly.” Visitor
  • “…Go see it. Get the audio guide – it stops you having to queue up to read the information on a busy day. Listen and learn!” Visitor, Epsom, United Kingdom
  • “Brilliant place to visit. Well laid out with lots of boards telling you about the building of Titanic. Plenty of staff to assist if needed. The audio guide enhances the experience.” Visitor, Norwich, United Kingdom

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